From Delhi’s Prisons Minister to prisoner, does Satyendar Jain still control Tihar?

New Delhi, Nov 19 (IANS)
Since VIP culture in jails which allows prisoners to enjoy luxuries during incarceration is not unheard of, Delhi minister and AAP leader Satyendar Jain currently an inmate of Tihar Jail number-7 in an alleged money laundering case, has not come as a shocker.
As per an Enforcement Directorate (ED) report, Jain has access to all privileges like home-cooked food and massages in his cell.
In a recently submitted report before a Delhi court, the probe agency has stated that Jain is being given “special treatment” in his Tihar Jail cell in the form of head and foot massages, fruits, food and papers.
He is allowed to meet people, including other accused, beyond permissible hours.
As per the CCTV footage, in violation of the rules, jail superintendent met Jain every day to enquire about his well-being, it claimed. Jain’s wife, Poonam Jain, also visits him often in the cell.
In the wake of these allegations in October, the Union home ministry sought a report from Delhi chief secretary Naresh Kumar over allegations that Jain was availing special treatment in connivance with the jail authorities.
On November 17, at least 28 prison officials posted in Tihar jail number 7, where Jain is lodged, were transferred.
These transfers come after the suspension of Ajit Kumar, Superintendent of Jail number 7 for allegedly circumventing rules to give special facilities to Jain.
Among those transferred were 2 deputy superintendents, 3 assistant superintendents, 7 head warders and 16 warders.
Recently, jailed conman, Sukesh Chandrashekhar, in his series of letters to Delhi Lieutenant Governor, V.K. Saxena, also alleged that Jain is using his sway to threaten him through jail administration.
“Since last one week, after my complaint to L-G office in regards to AAP and its leaders Mr Arvind Kejriwal and Kailash Ghelot and Satyender Jain, I have been receiving severe threats of all forms from Jail administration which is directed by Mr. Jain and Mr. Kejriwal,” said the Mandoli jail inmate in a letter addressed to L-G on November 7.
“As now the investigation will begin and I hold very important evidence against them, and they are very well aware of it and will go to any extent to cause harm to me and my wife Leena Paulose who is lodged in Jail no. 16. For the last 24 hours the Jail superintendent and other officials have been putting an immense amount of pressure on me and harassing me. Apart from this Mr. Satyender Jain is sending me offers for compromise, which if I fail to accept me and my wife will be tortured to death,” stated the letter.
“Deputy Superintendent of jail-16 Ms Dinesh is threatening my wife to ask me to withdraw all charges against AAP. Ms Dinesh Previously has received Rs 5 lakhs as protection in money. Sir as all Jail administration is surprisingly being controlled by Mr Jain and mainly Mr. Kejriwal. As multiple Jail staff are being investigated as well as arrested in my case all of them are targeting me, mainly the Delhi Government controlled by AAP, as the Jail works on their instructions,” it added.

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