Free food for fat diners


Phonix: A restaurant in Arizona has the offer open for those who weigh more than 158 kg

Overweight diners at a US restaurant can now eat for free – if they weigh more than 25 stone – 158 kg. The unusual promotion takes place at the appropriately-named Heart Attack Grill, in Chandler, Arizona.Managers there have just hired a 43-stone – 273 kg – Blair River to promote the special offer.

Aside from his weight, River’s love and enthusiasm for the food at the restaurant helped him to land the £66-an-hour modeling contract, which required him to shoot a YouTube commercial.

The Grill has a medical theme and customers are required to wear hospital gowns over their clothes as they are waited on by staff dressed in nurses’ uniforms, serving up high calorie food like the Double Bypass Burger. No diet drinks are stocked.

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