Freak roller-coaster ride collapse claims three lives in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, July 14 (IANS) In a freak accident, at least three people were killed and 30 others injured when a roller-coaster ride collapsed at the public park around the sprawling Kankaria Lake here on Sunday evening.
Officials said there were around 40 persons on the ‘Discovery’ ride in Kankaria Adventure Park when it collapsed, minutes after it went up. The park is in the Maninagar area of the city.
The 65-feet high joy ride, which swings up to 30 feet on two sides, came unstuck from its hinges and heavily hit the ground with three people dying on the spot by the impact. Municipal officials, who rushed to the spot, denied that the ride collapsed because of overloading.
Officials said at least 15 of the over 25 people who were admitted to the nearby Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation LG Hospital, were reported to be critical.
Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra, who reached the spot immediately on knowing about the incident, told reporters that the injured persons would be provided the best possible treatment.
He, as well as Mayor Bijal Patel, said a detailed investigation would be carried to ascertain the reason for the accident and strict action would be initiated the private company, which operated the joy ride if necessary.
Nehra added that it would be inquired if the cause of the accident was poor maintenance of the amusement ride.
Police officials, led by Ahmedabad Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone 6, Bipin Ahire, who reached the spot, said it was not immediately clear if the welded part that held the ride from its hinges on the top gave away or its nuts and bolts were loose leading to the roller coaster come crashing on the ground.

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