Four airports on alert after mystery caller says flyer will carry bomb on Dec 24

New Delhi: For the past 10 days, airport personnel have been on high alert following calls received by Oman Air and Lucknow airport about a potential security threat.
The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which manages security at 59 airports across the country, is on high alert till December 24 after receiving details of a passenger potentially travelling to Jeddah from Lucknow with explosives. Passengers are being randomly checked with hand-held explosive trace detectors at Lucknow, Hyderabad and sensitive airports like Delhi and Mumbai following the calls.
The first call was received on December 11 at Lucknow airport following which back to back calls were received at the Hyderabad office of Oman Air giving the same information. A Bomb Threat Assessment Committee (BTAC) was formed and the calls were declared as ‘specific’ — or serious — and security at airports was enhanced.
“The first call was received at 12.30pm on December 11 and as a precautionary measure, random checks were started. A similar call was received at Hyderabad airport where a woman gave the name, travel details and PNR of a passenger claiming that he will carry explosives. The woman called four more times giving photographs and other details of the passenger,” a CISF officer said, requesting anonymity.
During the investigation, the manifesto of Oman Air was checked and it was found that the passenger had come from Jeddah to Lucknow via Muscat on October 11 and had a return ticket for December 24.
“Though it appears to be a case of mischief and the caller might be wanting to create trouble for the passenger. We will definitely stop him but if nothing suspicious is found, he will be allowed to travel further,” the CISF officer added.
Both Lucknow and Hyderabad police are investigating the matter and trying to trace the caller. At some airports, passengers to gulf countries are being checked at ladder point also.

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