FOGANA’s dance competition

drawn from different parts of North America will judge each dance item.

The competition is aimed at encouraging the participation of the youth in large numbers,  he says and adds that it will be an opportunity for the youth to express themselves through their culture. 

Mukesh Shah appealed to the youth to take part in the FOGANA’s  day-to-day activities. A 70-member youth committee has been formed and has been working hard in preparation for the program.

Giving history of FOGANA competition, he says that initially, FOGANA aspired to meet the needs and welfare of Gujaratis while assisting them in adapting to the mainstream America.  They hoped to do this by building up and centralizing resources, energies and talents and thus create a strong image of Gujarat.  Using such tools as folk dancing, which is an integral part of any celebration in the Gujarati culture, they initiated their efforts by conducting folk dance competitions in various regions that culminated in finals in one of the North American cities. Gujaratis from all corners gather for these events.

He says: “The initial years witnessed FOGANA progress steadily, but today its goals are expanding to meet the changing needs.  Not only FOGANA wishes to combine the dynamic ability of the Gujaratis with the practicality of today’s life, but it also tries to make it relevant to the changing face of the community.  This allows the younger generation to have an identity because they have been brought into the fold with a sense of security that has come from being well versed and knowledgeable in their heritage.”  

Mukesh Shah expresses his thanks to Rohit Patel of Best Western Hotel,  Maya Patel of Holiday Inn of Rolling Meadows, Kshama Shah, chair,  and Urvashi Patel,        vice chair, respectively of Midwest Region FOGANA Competition Steering Committee, and all the members of the various committees for working very hard to make the competition a grand success.

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