Floating tower hotels?

London: We could one day be spending our holidays in a gigantic vertical airship that floats thousands of meters above ground if a design concept becomes reality.
The Aircruise is a radical new design that promises to accommodate guests in a 265-meter tall hotel that could float above city skylines or over dramatic landscapes according to its designers at Seymourpowell, a London-based design and innovation company. 
“The Aircruise concept questions whether the future of luxury travel should be  based around space-constrained, resource hungry  and all too often stressful airline travel,” said Nick Talbot, head of transportation, Seymourpowell.
While the Aircruise is only a conceptual proposal, designers have developed a detailed and achievable technical plan for the craft that could allow it to be built in the future.
A maximum of 100 guests and crew would be allowed on board and there would only be 10 luxury apartments available for rent.
There would also be large internal spaces for dining as well as a bar and lounge area for passengers.
The cruising speed of the Aircruise would range from 100 to 150 km an hour and a journey from London to New York would take 37 hours. Talbot said, “Think of this as taking a cruise, except you’d be floating high above the earth.”
The Aircruise’s designers say that it would take a huge amount of money to actually build such a thing and at its current stage; it’s only a feasibility study.

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