Five rules for choosing festival footwear


New Delhi, Oct 5 (IANSlife) Abandoning those home slippers and finally going out during festivals is something everyone is gearing up for. But with the excitement for buying that new shiny pair of footwear, one shouldn’t forget the measures that should be kept in focus. Ishan Sachdeva, Director, Alberto Toressi and Ashish Jain, CEO, and Director, Von Wellx Germany share some pointers and inspirations for the festive season shopping.

Keep it casual: Sneaker is the safest option for any festival, but it comes with a few caveats: Some sneakers may not actually have the comfort needed to get through the entire day. Avoid slip-on styles with super-flat soles and consider an orthotic insert to add even more stability – a tactic that can also be applied to boots. Plain black or brown shoe is one of the excellent choices for all the festive season. A traditional kurta matched with tan-coloured loafer can do wonders for your look.

Break out the prints: Yes your festival shoes need to be sturdy and reliable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reflect the fun and creativity of the festival itself. Keep an eye out for bright colours and prints when you go festival footwear shopping and make your feet stand out from the thousands of other festival-goers around you.

Go colorful: A festival is somewhere that your quirky fashion flag can fly high. Therefore, there isn’t anything wrong with rocking a bit of colour. Whether you want shoes as your statement piece or you just feel like looking like a walking rainbow, colourful shoes just work on a festival. Plus, with red shoes being such a top colour this season, you’ll totally be on trend.

The classics: Festivals always calls out the classics, may it be clothes or footwear. Choosing a formal lace up of black or brown color and pairing that with a traditional kurta or with a trouser is going to take your festive look a bar up. The formal footwear will make you stand out from the crowd and are mostly the loved style during the festivals as they are easy to pair.

The buckled sandals: If covering your toes during the festival is not something that you want to do, then sandals are the best option. One should skip the lace-ups as they need to be tied every time throughout the day and instead should choose a style with buckled straps as they are going to keep your feet in place the entire day. Comfort along with style is very important during festivals and you definitely don’t want to spend the entire day tying your footwear.

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