First cracks emerge in Congress over Ram temple issue

New Delhi, Aug 6 (IANS) The first cracks have surfaced in the Congress over the Ram temple issue as Kerala MP T.N. Prathapan has objected to some party leaders going on an overdrive over the issue.
Prathapan wrote to interim party chief Sonia Gandhi, a day ahead of the Bhumi Pujan at Ayodhya by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday.
The Kerala MP objected to the statements made by Digvijaya Singh and Kamal Nath but he praised Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s statement saying its “acceptable”.
Prathapan in his letter said that “we can’t chase extreme religious nationalism with soft prototype and we need to realise the situation and should seek alternatives immediately.”
“Priyanka Gandhi Vadraji has taken a position which is acceptable, I think, in a way she is wishing for unity in the name of the temple. We certainly know that such unity wouldn’t be there as long as the Sangh Parivar has power. Still, by considering the ground realities of the politics in north India especially in Uttar Pradesh, Priyankaji has kept the concern and dignity in her statement.”
“But other statements of some other leaders like Kamal Nathji and Digvijaya Singhji have ‘disappointed’ me a lot. There are millions of people who are grieving in the memory of the Babri Masjid even though they accepted the court verdict.”
“The demolition was a kind of attack on their conscience. We are including that demography also. We can’t leave them in despair. And sadly, the party has been left on the defensive by these statements.”
He said “it is clear that we are not against any temples or any other places of worship. Lord Ram is a cultural idol.”
“The Supreme Court verdict on the Ayodhya land dispute was a hope that the era of hate politics would end. But unfortunately, it continues relentlessly.”
He said that the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and demolition of the Babri Masjid were the most “treacherous” incidents in the history of independent India.
“I think that this particular event is a Sangh Parivar-sponsored religious and political one. If we are not invited to this, why would our leaders beg for that?”
He said “the basic values that this country was built on like secularism and pluralism are facing a devastating future. It was always the Congress which raised the hopes of this great nation and kept its beautiful legacy of plurality alive.”

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