FIFA Rankings:Indian football team crash out of top 100, Germany claim top spot

New Delhi: The Indian football team’s brief stay in the top 100 of FIFA rankings has ended. In the latest ranking, India are placed 107th among 211 countries.
India dropped 10 places in the rankings released on September 14. They are ranked 13th in Asia.
In the last one month, three matches were counted for India’s FIFA rankings – the AFC Cup qualifier against Macau and Tri-Nation Football series matches against Mauritius and St. Kitts and Nevis.
While the 2-0 win over Macau fetched India 318.75 points, the 2-1 win against Mauritius won them only 127.5 points, as it was deemed in the same point category as friendlies. India drew 1-1 with St. Kitts and Nevis in their final match of the tournament and the game could earn them only 63.75 points.
The fact that all three teams were lower ranked than India also hampered the total points scored.
On May 4, India, with a total of 331 points, were placed 100th alongside Nicaragua, Lithuania and Estonia. It had risen to 96th in July but had dropped to 97th in August.
Before this brief stay, the last time India had been in the top 100 of the rankings was way back in 1996, with the 94th spot in February 1996 being the country’s best ever FIFA ranking.
At the top of the table, Germany toppled Brazil to regain the No. 1 spot thanks to their wins over the Czech Republic and Norway, combined with Brazil’s draw with Colombia.

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