Fashion With A Zodiac Touch

June 2, 2010 : Have you ever thought of choosing your designer clothes based on your zodiac sign or astrology? Do you put on a pair of shoes as per your zodiac sign? If not, then get ready to go trendy even while keeping your astrological faith intact. Who would not like to wear clothes that bring peace, prosperity and harmony even while maintaining the latest fashion?

Kappil Kishor, an alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is the only certified designer in India for such zodiac clothes. Kishor has been in this trade for the last five years with the label Fortune Designing. According to him, colors play a big role in this genre. He says, “Colours may have a negative result, if they are not chosen as per your personality.”

The designer informs that a thorough study of the client’s kundli is done before designing a dress.

The fabrics and textures also play an important role while designing zodiac clothes. Kishor elaborates, “Two types of fabrics are used, the natural one is extracted from plants and animals while the manmade one is usually chemical based. Natural fibre is used while designing the clothes for people with fire sign as it keeps their body cool and helps in radiating positive vibes. The manmade fibre is used for the people with water signs.”

Lots of people prefer to have zodiac clothes for their wedding too. Kishor says, “I also get orders for designing bridal lehengas as marriage is considered to be a very auspicious occasion in India. However, the clients also demand corporate suits and dresses
for vacations. I am also getting orders for day-to-day clothing like the ladies’ suits and kurtis. “

These astrologically designed clothes range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Not only dresses, but the zodiac shoes are in high demand too. Colour and wood are the two important elements of these shoes, which are developed based on the ‘chromopathy’ or healing with colour.

Swati Modo, the owner of ‘Serendipity’, specializes in the zodiac and horoscopic shoes. Modo says, “As leather is considered to be very inauspicious in the Indian culture, we use astrological sole for these shows, which are done in the synthetic materials.”

Swati has a collection of 24 pairs of shoes, of which 12 pairs are for men and the rest are for women. These are designed according to their specific zodiac signs. Even the shapes of these shoes are made after a special consultation with the astrologers, based on the customer’s kundli. A pair of zodiac shoes may set you back by Rs. 6,000 and you need to pay at least Rs 9,500 for the shoes developed after consulting the horoscopes.

So, next time, when you plan to buy a pair of shoes or a of designer dress, don’t forget to consult your astrologer first!

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