Fashion Trends Lower the better

The latest in fashion trends is the flesh-flashing trend which is the exposed skin between cropped top and hip-hugging jeans started by Mariah Carey cutting off the tops of her jeans and continued by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

It is a season where everybody is showing off tummies and belly buttons and low-cut jeans are the jeans of the season. The look began several years ago with the popularity of belly-button piercing and the rise of midriff exposure. But as shirts crept up and midriffs became less shocking, the focus began shifting south.

The biggest advantage of the low-rise look is, it visually lengthens the torso and has a slimming effect. And, by picking a short or long top, women can control the amount of skin they bare. “With this belly-baring fashion gaining more popularity amongst pop diva’s and stars, the fashion is likely to spread more rapidly coz women like to copy their role models” says Kabir, designer, who adds, “Low-rise is about an attitude and if you have the attitude to wear it, you can pull it off. It’s about being sexy and really feeling sexy and feminine in a pair of jeans.”

And with stores such as Levi’s still filling racks with low-rise offerings, the lower belly is likely to make a continued appearance through fall and beyond.
However not all can carry off these fashion trends. Low cut can be hard to wear if you have a fleshy lower abdomen. “You can’t have a lot hanging out,” says Nikita, model, 21, “A little bit hanging over is cute, because women usually have a little bit of  a paunch; they don’t naturally have flat tummies. But you don’t want stuff hanging over the sides.”

Women attempting the pelvic flash should remember that the look works much better when they’re standing up. So, when sitting down, adjust yourself to be sure that your belly isn’t drooping over the top of your low-slung pants.

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