Farmers welcome govt’s proposal in latest round of talks

New Delhi, Jan 21 (IANS) The farmer leaders have welcomes the Central government’s proposal during the 10th round of talks to resolve the issues related to the newly passed agricultural laws through a committee, keeping the legislations on hold for one and a half years on a positive note.
Terming the proposal “worth considering”, the farmer leaders said that representatives of all the farmer organisations will hold consultations and then apprise the government about their stand during the 11th round meeting scheduled to be held on Saturday.
Farmer leader Shivkumar Kakka, who has been a part of all the 10 meetings held with the government at Vigyan Bhawan here so far, said: “We do not trust the committee, but the government has offered to put the laws on hold… It is definitely a matter to consider. We will discuss this and eventually try to form an opinion.”
Another farmer leader Darshan Pal Singh, who was present in the meeting on Wednesday, said: “The Central government told us that it would submit an affidavit in the Supreme Court to put the laws on hold. Implementation of laws would be put on hold till the issues are resolved This proposal of the government is worth considering.”
Reacting on the development, All India Kisan Sabha General Secretary Hanan Mullah said: “The government said in the meeting that by submitting affidavit in the court, it can put the law on pause for a year and a half. Meanwhile, we will go by the report that would be provided by the committee.
“Now all the farmers associations will discuss the government’s proposal on January 21 and reply to the government on January 22. Also, the attitude of farmer leaders has always been positive.”

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