Extradition of Headley


By R.J. Khurana Via e-mail

India’s reported plan to ask the US for the extradition of 26/11-mastermind David Headley is justified. However, if one takes into account India’s dismal record of punishing terrorists in custody, one wonders if Headley’s extradition will serve any purpose.

The snail’s pace at which India’s criminal justice system functions doesn’t create the hope that those guilty of carrying out terror attacks will ever be brought to book. Terrorists like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab along with others have been incarcerated in Indian jails without any tangible action being taken against them. Unless the Center ensures a speedy justice system to carry out Headley’s trial, India’s demand for his extradition will only remain a hollow exercise aimed at pacifying public anger.

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