Equality under law violates commonsense and culture


By T.S.Khanna

Alamo, CA: What distinguishes man from animal is man’s superior culture.  It takes many generations to build culture but only a few to destroy it.

Pornography is not a part of the democratic culture.  The Supreme Court has made it so by its interpretation of the First Amendment of the Consti-tution.  A vast majority of people and legislators do not accept it.  Its imposition pollutes the well-distilled democratic culture in America.

Framers of the Constitution intentionally kept its language concise and general to allow enough elbowroom for the succeeding legislatures to interpret the basic principles to suit the changing political climate.

However, our judicial system, under the process of judicial review, has taken over the role of interpreting the Consti-tution.  This is creating a negative effect on the cultural values enshrined by the vast majority of Americans.

Judges, by their strict training in law and “blind justice” philosophy are unable to see the impact of their interpretations of the Constitution on the American culture.  Insulated from public needs, pressures, or social repercussions, judges faithfully read the inert pages of the Constitution and put their own life into them.

Their interpretations vary with their predilections and personal values. Yet, they seem to believe that their interpretations represent the “original intent” of the framers. Quite often, their convoluted reasoning of equality under the law violates the common sense and culture. This process keeps equating the worst part of human being to the best part of human culture.

It is hard to imagine that the framers intended the legalization and spread of pornography as part of democratic culture.  Probably they are spinning in their graves.

In a democracy, power to rule must reside in popular majority through their representatives.  Minorities must be protected from the tyranny of majority, but the minority’s fancies and preferences must not be protected at the expense of the majority.  For example, porno business cannot be protected by the equal treatment under the law.  It must not be legalized against the will of the majority.  The majority is suffering and their children’s minds are being destroyed.

The Constitutional provisions and clauses involving political and social repercussions must not be judged by strict legal criteria.  In such cases, interpretation of the Constitution should be the responsibility of the legislature, responsive to the sovereign people.

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