Energy healing through Reiki, Pranic & Hypnotherapy

New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) We are the generation of “good vibes” and the moment we realize we arent getting good vibes from the people around us, or the surroundings, we prefer to move away from it. As human being we also have our own internal energies within our bodies. We all thrive on energy in spite of being brainwashed with the convenient methods of healing, we fail to recognize, acknowledge and embrace the energy within us. Our internal energy is an alternate for medicines, says Dr Shyam Nidugala, Chief Medical Officer, Nimba Nature Cure
By embracing the energy sources within us, we can purify and filter those energies that bring a feeling of positivity and give us the power to heal ourselves and others, she notes. She explains how energy can be healed through Reiki, Pranic and Hypnotherapy.
The Potency of Hands
What if your hands could do more than just writing, carrying, holding or playing? Give it a thought, how nice would it be if your hands had the power to heal yourself and others. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing uses hands as the main component to pass energy from one person to another.
Inducing deep relaxation, Reiki uses the body’s natural healing powers to develop and improve the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being while also invoking immense happiness in a person’s life.
The 5 key principles of Reiki are:

I will not worry
I will not be angry
I will work honestly
I will be grateful
I will be kind to others

So how does Reiki work?
It contacts and stimulates the inner healer of a person and harmonizes all the energy systems in the body to address the root of a problem. Reiki emerges from love, and holds divine power and intelligence making it gentle, soothing and effective. It flows through the body and charges affected areas with positive energy.
Some of the benefits of Reiki include releasing stress and anxiety from the body, aids with better sleep, helps improve the immune system, awakens intuition, rids the body of toxins and gives the human body the ability to self-heal, it also balances the energies and aligns the chakras of the body.
Distance Healing
Similar to Reiki, Pranic healing is a non-touch system of healing. It scans the areas of energy depletions and stagnations, and removes the blockages from the body. Unlike Reiki, Pranic healing is not heavily based on the intuition of the practitioner but on energy assessment techniques.
Pranic is not only used for psychological or physical ailments but also improves the other various aspects of life. It is capable of enhancing business, relationships, intelligence, stability etc. while detoxifying the negativity and improving overall well-being.
Understanding the basics, Pranic healing accelerates the natural healing power of the body, by using the energy of Prana (life force). Moreover, it is inclusive of other practices such as – Energy Hygiene, which is designed in order to keep the energy in your body flowing clean. Such practices have a set of guidelines related to diet, breathing, and cleansing routines.
The cleaning of toxins from the body, soul, and mind gives a lighter feeling, and encourages a healthier mental perspective and optimistic emotions.
Some of the benefits of Pranic healing include the ability to heal minor and major diseases, improved memory power and concentration, refined spriritual growth, enhance self-esteem, and promotes personal awareness and increases productivity & focus.
As the word suggests, Hypnotherapy is derived from Hypnosis, which is a form of guided hypnosis. This therapy requires attention, relaxation, and a high level of concentration in order to achieve a state of consciousness or mindfulness. It is used for treating common and supposedly trivial problems such as anxiety, stress, or phobias.
Hypnotherapy is a natural energy booster which is highly effective and gives a relaxing feeling to your body. During the therapy the patient is conscious and actively participates in the process; this helps the person experience the healing. It helps a person recover from grief or loss, improves sleep, reduces chronic pain such as migraines or arthritis and also aids with weight loss.

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