Egypt shows the way — non-violence wins


By F.J.  Dalal

Lanham, MD   Thirty-year-old military dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt  ended with his resignation after the peaceful                   revolution of its people.  Is the world changing?  Some may have doubts.  Doubting Thomases always will have.  The largest Arab country has a 6000-year-old cultural history. The Nile Valley Civilization is as old as the Indus Valley Civilization of Mohenjo daro and Harappa.

President Barack Obama of USA made history by landslide victory for a multi-racial young educated visionary.  He realized the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., the emancipator of the Black Slavery.  Obama does not forget to make a reference to Mahatma Gandhi at all the crucial junctures.  Obama got the most rousing welcome in India during his recent visit.  He gave the first official White House dinner to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India. Do all these ring some kind of bell in the ears of people, including those of/from India? If their hearing and vision are clear, it is obvious.   What is winning?  Democracy, the voice of people is.  What is the method adopted by spontaneous uprising?  Non-violence that is ahimsa.

Why does non-violence win?  Because, violence has not brought any change even after a number of wars in the 20th century.  Wars —  the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War,  the Afghanistan War, etc., created more problems than solved.  Non-violent actions of a bold layman, Gandhi, could succeed against the mighty British Empire that tottered and got liquidated.  It all started in 20th century and its catching up in 21st century — the Asian one.  What military could not achieve or make, globalization did.  It is the peoples’ century i.e. of human mind — science and technology, not planes and bombs.  Why are Indians succeeding everywhere in the world?  They are succeeding because of education, hard work, and strong durable family system. They are contributing to their  every sphere of life.

Did you hear a single word about religion?  No, why? Because  it divides.  It appears to be winning as a business, not as a religion.  People can very well see the havoc created by religious fanatics.  There are fanatics in every religious group. They waste peoples’ money and mislead innocent people.  Then, what is the way-out?  The answer is simple, but people don’t get it.

It is the non-violence of the brave, not of the cowards.  Self-restraint, simplicity, living peacefully with all our neighbors — human beings, animals and environment — are also part of non-violence.  Our main need is food, without which no one can survive for long.  We must have plant-based diet, not animal products like meat, chicken, fish, etc.  They are not healthy.  Our second most important need is health.  Plant-based diet even reverses many diseases like diabetes, heart, cancer, etc.  We “eat to live” healthy.  We don’t “live to eat.”  That is why, they say, “Health is wealth.”  Let us all make united efforts to practice and promote healthy diet.

Healthy food of vegetarianism and non-violence go hand in hand.

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