Earn your stripes

Vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical, thick and skinny, stripes are going to storm their ways into our wardrobes in every style that we can ever possibly imagine this season. Luckily, design gurus also affirm that stripes are moving beyond the classic navy-and-white nautical ones that we all know and love to an experimental statement-making state.
“Stripes never go out of fashion,” says designer Ashish Soni, adding, “The timeless trend of stripes is an essential part of any wardrobe. And while we do love our classic Breton, we’ve recently embraced a twist on the style that’s making major waves — mismatched patterns. The dizzying yet striking designs offer a more modern way to don the trend. These bold and graphic versions can be a run on a gamut of micro-trends from colour-blocked to an amalgam of hues pitted against one another, racing in opposite directions.”
“For a timeless look, stick to stripes in go-to primary colors like red and blue,” says designer Saaksha Parekh from Saaksha and Kinni. “Stripes are classic and easy. To give it a fresh outlook, pick a nautical-inspired off-the-shoulder dress that can easily transitions from day to night, simply by swapping your accessories. You can also take a ‘70s inspired striped shirt dress in muted tones or go full-on ‘80s by opting for a bright crop top in striped pattern with high-waisted denim for a killer date night look.”
Menswear pieces are also trending now with mini pinstripes breathing new life into button-downs. “Men can opt for jailed striped linen/cotton blazers in bold colours with a plain or neutral colored t-shirt inside and solid colored pants,” says designer Pawan Sachdev, adding, “Also, striped double or single breasted coats in a summer-friendly fabric are nice options. Thin pinstriped shirts with a dark solid pant could make for a formal look. However, beware of combining them with prints or checks as it can get quite tricky.”
Lastly, designer Simran Arya, giving an insightful take on horizontal stripes, shares, “For years, our mothers, sisters, friends or even fashion magazines, have cautioned us against horizontal stripes as they do the female figure no favors. As a result, many women have spent their entire lives avoiding horizontal hoops for the fear of looking fat. Yes, even though it’s the truth, one needs to understand that horizontal stripes tend to make one look broader; not fatter, and with a clever sartorial mind, we all can find ways to wear them. For any body shape, the goal is to create a balance. Vertical stripes create length while horizontal stripes create width. So, if you have a pear-shaped body, avoid wearing horizontal stripes on your lower half. And if you have a heart-shaped body, wear vertical striped tops to create the illusion of length. But do not wear a blouse and a pants that encompass stripes of different colors and width, if you are unsure of pulling it off with confidence. Keep it classy with summer-inspired hues.”

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