Dusshera ends in pomp and splendor


Mysore: Over two million people witnessed the famous 4 km-long Jumbo savari, which marked the end of the grand 10-day celebration of Dusshera held in Mysore.

The 400th edition of the elephant ride drew large crowds and the elephant which carried the golden Howdah drew cheers from the crowds as it does every year. Balram, the tusker walked away as the star of the event as he was the chosen one to carry the 4900 kg golden Howdah this year.

Giving Balram company were 12 other elephants, camels, horses and the police contingent apart from various other tableux, which depicted the various parts of Karnataka. The procession marks the victory of good over evil and also marks the end of the grand Dusshera celebrations.

The event began with Chief Minister of Karantaka, B. S. Yeddyurappa, offering pray-ers to Goddess Chamundesh-wari. The idol of the Goddess is placed in the Golden Howdah, which is later carried across the city during the jumbo savari.

The festival, which was initially conducted by the Wodeyars, the royal family of Mysore, is now a state sponsored event. However the Wodeyars have a private event at the palace every year. The maharaja holds a royal darbar at his palace and receives tributes from the members of his family.

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