Dubai-based Indian couple hosts ‘drive-by wedding ceremony’

Dubai, Nov 15 (IANS) In the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a Dubai-based Indian couple hosted a ‘drive-by wedding ceremony’ for their loved ones outside their residence, according to a media report.
Hailing from Kerala, Muhammed Jazem and Almas Ahmed first had their ‘nikah’ ceremony, after which they stood under a flower arch outside their home in Jumeirah for a socially distanced wedding reception, reports Khaleej Times.
Close family members and friends who could not be part of the ‘nikah’ stopped their cars outside the couple’s home for less than two minutes as they wished them well and clicked some photos.
“The rules were simple and we communicated them to our guests through a video invitation,” Khaleej Times quoted Jazem as saying.
“We asked our guests to stop only for a few moments, give us their best wishes, take a picture and then they could drive away. We instructed them not to step out of the car, to keep moving to avoid traffic, and not pull over,” he added.
Jazem, an aeronautical engineer with Emirates Airline, further said their parents and many of their relatives are elderly, which is why they “did not want to have a big event”.
Although the Dubai government has given the green signal to host socially distanced ceremonies, the couple decided to stick to their drive-by reception plan.

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