Drone attack was attempt on President Vladimir Putin’s life, will retaliate: Russia

Moscow [Russia], May 3 (ANI): Describing the overnight ‘drone attacks’ on the Kremlin residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, by Ukraine, a “terrorist attack,” Russia has said it has the “right to retaliate” in a manner, place and time of its choosing, Russia Today quoted statement of President office.
Russia alleged that there were attempts by Ukraine to assassinate President Putin, saying it was a “terrorist attack” while claiming it shot down drones over the residence of Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not get injured in the overnight drone attacks on Kremlin and Russia considers the drone attacks, an attempt on President’s life, President’s press service announced on Wednesday, Russia Today reported.
According to Putin’s staff, Ukraine launched two drone attacks overnight with the intention of hitting his apartment in the Kremlin.
“The head of State was not in Kermlin at the time of “Ukrainian UAV attack” on Tuesday night,”Kremlin’s Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.
He also said that President Putin is currently working form his residence near Moscow and that his schedule remains unchanged.
The drones were destroyed using electronic warfare measures and caused no casualties or damage, the press service added.
According to a report in Russia Today, the message said, “As a result of this terrorist act, the President of the Russian Federation was not injured. His work schedule has not changed, it continues as usual.”
The Kremlin also noted that the Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures as it sees fit, reported Russia Today.
Peskov added that the incident won’t interfere with the Victory Day parade that is scheduled to take place on May 9 on Red Square.
The Kremlin previously reported that the two UAVs had targeted the Kremlin, but both were shot down before they could pose any damage, according to Russia Today.
Prior to being shot down, both of the UAVs that had targeted the Kremlin, according to the Kremlin, were shot down.
On social media, several viral videos purportedly show a plummet of smoke rising against the nighttime cityscape from the terrirory of the former Russian capital.
The Kremlin press service also said, “Two unmanned aerial vehicles were aimed at the Kremlin. As a result of timely actions taken by the military and special services using radar warfare systems, the devices were disabled.”
The statement said, “We consider this a pre-planned terrorist action and an attempt against the Russian president,” adding that the incident happened “ahead of Victory Day and the parade on May 9, when foreign guests plan to be present.”

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