Dress your age

Dressing “young” is cool, but what if you end up looking funny  in the effort? A research by British retailer Debenhams says that at least nine out of ten women go for outfits meant for younger women. And the “dressing young and silly” phenomenon is seen everywhere. Some Bollywood divas shun the classic for what they think looks young and trendy resulting in these faux pas we dread:

Fantasy chic…
Katrina Kaif

We know there’s a Barbie doll in the market modeled after Katrina, but that doesn’t give her the license to bore us with these cutesy frilly dresses she should have shunned right after kindergarten. Designer Rina Dhaka says about this dress, “I think she wore this in the heat of the moment. She’s otherwise a classic dresser.”

Thunder blunder
Archana Puran Singh

No, she is not gearing up for a sequel of Baaz and neither is she dressed up for a comedy act. A tight short dress paired with red peep toes, red nail paint, jazzy choker, coiffeur, curly bangs…we fail to decipher what was on your mind, lady. “You can dress sexy at any age, but make sure you have a well worked out body to carry off such a tight, short dress,” says Dhaka about this one.

Run away shoes

Mademoiselle, there do exist things called bellies, pumps and stilettos. So what made you wear these drab, bulky athletic shoes with tights and a long coat? We would love to see you in a new look but can we have a stylist on the job, please?  Designer Nainika Karan says on seeing this, “Rekha got it all wrong here. Sport shoes paired with formal attire only call for ridicule.”

Frumpy frock
Divya Dutta

This pink frock with frills on the hemline doesn’t do anything for this pint-size actress. She also forgot that a drawstring neckline is not the best way to flaunt one’s décolletage. Nainika Karan’s advice for her is: “Please leave dresses for someone with thinner and longer legs. A pair of jeans and well fitting T-shirt would look loads better if Divya insists on looking younger.”

How to dress you age
Fun in 20s:
When you are a 20- something, have fun experimenting with colors, cuts and shapes. You are most likely to have a body that can pull off everything from a body-con dress to a hot pant at this age. And no one’s going to question you if go wild with colors, cuts and styles. You can also sport any look you desire whether it’s quirky, kitschy, or boho, provided you do it in style. But yes, you do need to consider your height and body shape while choosing your outfits. “Extra large quirky prints may not work for someone, who is not tall and a girl, who is on the plumper side won’t look good in a bandage dress,” says stylist Natasha Chopra, head stylist, Select CityWalk.

Tone your body: When you turn 30, a good trainer is a better investment than an expensive wardrobe. Make sure you have a well-toned body with great abs, firm busts and shapely butts to carry off figure hugging outfits. You need to follow a strict fitness regimen for that kind of a body. “Once you get your dream body, you can wear anything you like. But do bring in some subtlety in your wardrobe. Replace loud, funky stuff with elegant and understated accessories,” says Chopra. Avoid neon colors and don’t go overboard with plunging necklines.

Avoid frills: When you’re in your 40s, turning a tad conservative in your dressing style won’t hurt you. Avoid too much of frills, fringes and skin show. Go for calf length skirts, straight trousers paired with white shirt and kurtis paired with tights. “Don’t wear anything that is undersized. Nothing looks as bad as ill-fitting clothes,” says Chopra. Opt for comfort dressing that hides your bulges and still makes you look fetching,” says Rina Dhaka. Wear a long top over tights or a long sleeved shirt to hide saggy arms.

Simplicity wins: At 50s it is all about going sophisticated and classic. You can look stunning at this age in saris and salwar kurtis in warm and muted tones. Steer clear of over-accessorizing your looks. You won’t also go wrong with trousers. As you tone down your dressing style, balance up your look with trendy accessories that go with your outfit. Invest in good innerwear. There is nothing like a good bra to make you look younger and more confident at this age.

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