Dowry: ‘Bride’s family should be prosecuted too’

New Delhi: Observing that the anti-dowry law has been reduced to a “paper tiger” due to the bride’s family giving away dowry in many cases, a court here said they also need to be prosecuted like the groom’s family to eliminate the social evil.

“Dowry is a two way traffic and unless there is a giver there can be no taker and it is for this reason that in order to eliminate this evil both the giver and taker have been made liable (under Section 3 of the Dowry Prohibition Act),” Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau said.

“It is not possible to leave one and book another,” the court said while resenting the prevalent practice of the bride’s family giving dowry.

It is time that this social welfare legislation (Dowry Prohibition Act) is ruthlessly implemented and none is permitted to take the shield of social compulsions. This has become all the more necessary in order to check the misuse and abuse of Special Laws,” ASJ Lau said.

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