Don’t let your 50s stop you from being fit and fabulous


New Delhi, July 5 (IANS) In an endeavor to stay healthy and build an immunity during the Covid-19 pandemic, people all over India have a heightened sense of awareness with regards to their fitness. The importance of staying active and engaging in some form of exercise is at the top of everyone’s mind.
Individuals across various age groups have adopted virtual ways of accessing fitness and are working out from home, in a bid to get healthy and focus on overall well-being. It is even more important for the people who are above the age of 50 to focus on staying active and building immunity.
A sedentary lifestyle may have a huge role to play in an individual facing health issues like diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and more. As one grows older, it is a must that they have some form of physical activity, more so during unprecedented times like these when the world is battling a health crisis.

Here are a few ways in which individuals over the age of 50 can keep active, even at home:

Use of interactive live workout sessions

Online workout sessions pose as a viable way of working out, especially for those in their 50s and above. Live workout sessions are extremely useful for this age group as the trainer is able to customise these workouts as per their preferences and limits. Also a prominent craving for a sense of community is observed during this period of home sheltering and live workout sessions act as a great way to stay connected with friends as you workout together. Some platforms also have dedicated workouts for different age groups making it consumer friendly for all.

Nutrition guidance via e-consults

After 50, the body’s metabolism rate drops which can cause digestive problems. It becomes more likely to lose muscle mass and see changes in the weight. Virtual consultations with nutritional experts can help in curating a healthy diet keeping in mind these changes.

15-minute meditation and light yoga everyday

While one takes efforts towards keeping the body active, keeping the mind at par with it is essential too. An early morning routine of meditation followed by a 15-minutes Yoga session would help in relaxing the mind and keep it calm and energised for the rest of the day.

Virtual mental health consultations

Many 50+ individuals are also staying alone away from their kids and families. These individuals may also require support when it comes to mental health issues, especially during the lockdown. These facilities are also made available virtually by some platforms where along with mental health, people can also seek guidance or therapy to help with their personal problems.
The ways to stay fit are endless one just needs to have the will. Take a step to begin this journey, no matter the obstacles. For people over the age of 50 it’s important to choose activities that are fun, enjoyable and endurable, it helps to boost your mood as well as keep you motivated while you stay at home.

(The author Dhara Tanna is Senior Vice President of Fitternity)

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