Difficult to predict casino footfalls once they open: Official

Panaji, July 1 (IANS) It would be difficult to predict casino footfalls once entry restrictions are lifted by respective state governments, a spokesperson for a top pan-Indian casino group said on Thursday.
Speaking to IANS, Anil Malani, chief executive officer of the Deltin Group, which runs casino operations in Goa, Daman, Sikkim and Nepal, also said that the casino group had already completed 100 per cent coverage of vaccination of its 2,500 workforce.
“(It is) difficult to predict at the moment. It depends on many things; like travel, capacity restrictions and overall public sentiment. But we are hopeful that with mass vaccinations in full swing, we can keep the third wave at bay and things will be normalized soon,” Malani said, on being asked the estimation of footfalls once casino operations are allowed by the authorities.
“While we are ready with all safety norms to start the operations, we are awaiting further clarification from the government to make any further announcements,” he also said.
Malani, whose company is one of the two leading casino operators in the state, also said that all the 2,500 employed workforce across Goa, Daman, Sikkim and Nepal had received their first jabs.
“As of now, all the employees have successfully received their first dose of vaccination in the month of May-June and are expected to complete their second dose soon as per the government stipulated time frame,” Malani said.
“During these difficult times, despite being non-operational for around two months since the second wave hit us in April 2021, we have taken many critical measures in this regard, with first and foremost being vaccinating all our staff,” he also said.

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