Dhirendra Shastri reiterates making India Hindu nation claim

Patna May 16 (IANS) On Day 4 of his ‘Hanuman Katha’, self-styled godman and Bageshwar Dham chief Dhirendra Shastri repeated his commitment to make India a Hindu nation, here on Tuesday.
Shastri also claimed that he has come to Bihar by risking his life to wake up the people of the state.
After offering prayers at the Hanuman temple near Patna Junction railway station, Shastri went to the venue of his event at the Taret Pali Math in Naubatpur.
“The population of Bihar is around 13 crore and I want to tell you through this ‘Hanuman Katha’ that once you return to your respective homes, you should install religious flags of Lord Hanuman. If five crore people of Bihar do that and put ’tilak’ on their foreheads before stepping out of their homes, India will head towards becoming a Hindu nation.
“I want to appeal to all the people to save and preserve their culture and Sanatan Dharma. I came to Bihar by risking my life to wake up the people of Bihar. And I will continue to do so,” Shastri said.
“People should read Ramcharitmanas, put ’tilak’ on their foreheads, and install religious flag of Lord Hanuman at their homes to preserve Sanatan Dharma. I don’t want to force anyone with religion, but I want to say that those who worship Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman will protect their homes,” Shastri added.
Meanwhile, the Bihar chapter of Bageshwar Dham on Tuesday announced the next event of the self-styled godman at Gaya in September this year.

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