Demonetization idea proposed by a particular ideologue of RSS: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Accusing RSS of trying to “capture” every institution in the country, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on February 13 said that the idea of demonetization came, not from RBI or finance minister, but from “a particular ideologue of the Sangh Parivar”.
Gandhi, who has been critical of the note ban, alleged that the demonetization idea was the brainwork of an RSS ideologue who had proposed the idea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“Do you know where the idea of note bandi (note ban) came from? Do you know who gave the idea of note bandi to the Prime Minister of India? It was not RBI, it was not Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister), it was not an officer in the Finance Ministry,” he said.
“It was a particular ideologue of the RSS. Now you imagine the RSS places an idea into the Prime Minister’s mind and the Prime Minister launches that idea,” he added.
Terming it a “disastrous” move, Rahul said that the decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes was a result of the sheer arrogance of BJP and RSS, which allowed the corrupt to convert black money into white.
The Congress leader who was interacting with professionals and the business community at the end of his four-day campaign in poll-bound Karnataka alleged that RSS is guiding government’s ministers on what to do.
“In every single Ministry in India, at the national level there is an OSD (Officer on Special Duty) from RSS working with the Minister. The Minister is not operating on his own,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.
The Congress president drew comparison between the ideologies of the two parties and said that BJP believes in “capturing” institutions, while Congress lets the institutes function in a democratic manner.
The Congress’ idea is to “democratize” institutions while BJP believes in “bureaucratizing” the institutions, he said.
The Congress leader who is in Karnataka to campaign for the upcoming assembly elections said that his party, if voted to power at Centre, will simplify the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and introduce a “decent”, single-slab tax cap.
Today, the Congress president wrapped up his “Janarshirvad Yatra” in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region.
At the conclusion of his campaign in the region, he told reporters that there was a “good atmosphere” for his party in the state.
“It was a good visit. I have met lakhs of people, had good interactions. There is a good atmosphere for Congress party,” he said.

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