Demography, democracy, demand are India’s strengths: PM Modi at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Gandhinagar: India’s strength lies in demography, democracy, and demand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on January 10, inaugurating the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit here.
Calling ‘democracy’ India’s biggest strength, the Prime Minister said, “Some people say democracy cannot deliver effective and fast track governance, but we have seen in last two and a half years, it is possible to deliver quick results as well.”
Extolling the success of the Make in India campaign as the biggest brand that India has ever had, PM Modi said, “We have become the sixth largest manufacturing country in the world.”
Lauding the push for paperless administration, the Prime Minister said that policy driven online governance has made the system open and expeditious.
“E-governance is easy and effective governance. Digital technology has played a key role in this. We are on the threshold of becoming the world’s most digitized economy,” he proclaimed.
PM Modi elaborated that the NDA government was voted to power in 2014 to herald a change in the malpractices of the previous regimes.
“Our government was elected first and foremost on the promise to provide clean governance and end the prevailing regime of corruption and nepotism,” he said.
The former chief minister of Gujarat then enlisted the ways in which the government has worked to further India’s development.
“We’re bringing a paradigm shift in India’s polity and economy: from relation based governance to system based governance; from favoritism to level playing field; from informal to formal economy,” PM Modi said. Highlighting on the ease of doing business in India, PM Modi said, “Every day, we’re further rationalizing our policies and procedures to make it simple for businesses to establish and grow. India is today among the most open economies.”
Earlier on January 10, the Prime Minister held bilateral talks with several heads of state and ministers who have converged here for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.
The 8th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is being held here on January 10-13 with the central focus of “Sustainable Economic and Social Development”.
This time, the state expects to receive investment proposals of more than Rs 25 lakh crore during the Summit, which was launched by PM Modi when he was the chief minister of Gujarat.

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