Dell Wasabi PZ310 Is Hypermobile Printer

Fresh off the idea press from global technology giant Dell is the Wasabi PZ310 portable printer, perhaps the first in a new class of pocket-sized printing devices. The Wasabi PZ310 forgoes ink cartridges entirely; instead, it utilizes a technology developed by ZINK Imaging that’s centered around a specially-designed paper.

The Wasabi is purportedly compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, so it’s ready to receive data effortlessly, on the fly, and with no strings attached.  It’ll pump out 2 inch x 3 inch prints in less than sixty seconds a pop. The Wasabi weighs just seven ounces and measures in at 4.8 inches x 2.8 inches x 0.9 inches. It’s set to drop in three different colors: black, blue and pink.

Folks, this thing will probably completely do away with conventional note writing as we’ve come to understand it. Kids’ll grow up printing out their love letters in mixed media formats with high-definition color imagery and dazzling precision fonts. Adolescent romance will simply never be the same.

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