Delhi youTuber arrested for making dog fly with helium balloons

New Delhi, May 27 (IANS) Delhi Police on Thursday said that it has arrested a YouTuber Gaurav Sharma for cruelty to animals, after he made a dog fly in the air when he tied the animal with a number of balloons filled with helium gas. He also made a video of the whole act.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) South Atul Kumar Thakur said that Sharma has been arrested for cruelty to animals.
He said that a complaint was received at Malviya Nagar Police Station in which a complainant called Gaurav Gupta belonging to the People for Animals Society alleged that a person by the name of Gaurav Sharma had made a video in which he is seen to have tied his pet dog with helium balloons and later they let loose the balloons thereby making the dog fly in the air and hence risking its life.
“The video was shot on May 21,” he said.
The DCP said that a case was registered under several sections of the IPC, Disaster Management Act and Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act and Sharma, a resident of Malviya Nagar was arrested.
The police official said Sharma told the police that he is a youTuber and he made this video for that purpose only.
In the video it can be clearly seen Sharma tying a pet dog with the helium balloons. Later he released the balloons filled with helium gas, as a result of which the dog flew in the air.
Helium has a molecular weight of 4 and, and is lighter than air.

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