Delhi: COVID-19 patients, relatives can now talk through video calling

New Delhi, June 25 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday launched a video call facility for coronavirus patients admitted at the LNJP Hospital to talk to their relatives.
While launching the video conferencing technology for the patients, Kejriwal interacted with the hospital doctors and patients admitted to the hospital through video calling.
“Tablets have been installed in every ward of the hospital. The family members can visit the hospital and talk to the patient through video conferencing,” he said.
Deputy CM Manish Sisodia suggested that the use of these tablets is also beneficial for the doctors and the administration to be in regular touch with the patients, instead of physically being present which exposes them to the risk of coronavirus.
This came after the relatives of the patients showed discontent with the information about the patients not being provided to them.
Briefing the media following his visit, Kejriwal said, “LNJP was declared a COVID-19 hospital on March 17. It is the country’s largest COVID-dedicated hospital, and since March 17, it has successfully treated 2,700 COVID positive patients and sent them home. It is the only COVID-19 hospital in the country with 2,000 beds.”
Kejriwal also said that for the first time, plasma therapy was tried at the LNJP hospital and it was successful.
He said, “Plasma therapy is being used on a large scale here, which has decreased the death rate of the hospital. There have been 114 deliveries in LNJP Hospital yet, and also facilities of dialysis are also available in this hospital.”
Kejriwal also interacted with the patients inside the ICU ward of the LNJP Hospital. He asked about the well-being of a patient who had been infected by coronavirus since June 14.
The patient told the Chief Minister that he was highly satisfied with the services of the hospital and appreciated the doctors and the medical and nursing staff of the hospital.
The next patient to interact with the CM was an elderly citizen, who said that it was through the efforts of the medical team of the LNJP Hospital that she was recovering steadily from COVID-19.

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