Defiant Trump and battleground Arizona: Why this matters now

New York, Nov 5 (IANS)
A defiant Donald Trump campaign continues to insist that it has a strong shot at re-election although trailing 214-253 against Democratic rival Joe Biden.
From where he’s at currently (214), Trump needs 56 more to get to 270. He’s not going to get there without Pennsylvania. And the Arizona count has roiled the last mile of the 2020 election.
The AP has called the presidential race in Arizona for Biden. Fox News did too and the Trump campaign is questioning how that happened with nearly half a million votes still left to be counted.
The electoral vote count break up in the still to be called races looks like this: Arizona (11), Nevada (6), Georgia (16), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15). That’s 68 more electoral votes.
Arizona state officials said Thursday there are about 450,000 ballots still to be counted.
Biden holds an advantage of about 69,000 votes. Trump needs to win about 60 per cent of the remaining votes to catch up.
The vast majority of the ballots yet to be counted are from Maricopa County, the most populous area of the state and home to Phoenix and its suburbs.
More than 60 per cent of Arizona’s population lives here.

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