Defense Ministry gives 11 challenges for start ups to come up with solutions for technological needs

New Delhi: The Defense Ministry on August 4 threw up 11 challenges for startups to come up with potential solutions for technological needs of the defense establishment and said it would ensure their ideas and prototypes will get a market.
These challenges are individual protection system with built-in sensors, see-through armor, carbon fiber winding, active protection system, secure hardware-based offline encrypt or device for graded security, development of 4G/LTE baseyd tactical local area network.
It also includes development of advanced technology based desalination system and bilge oily water separation system, artificial intelligence in logistics and SCM, remotely piloted airborne vehicles, laser weaponry and unmanned surface and underwater vehicles.
They were part of the ‘Defence India startup challenge’ launched by defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman here today.
the challenge is part of IDEX (Innovation for Defence Excellence) announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April.
Addressing the gathering, Sitharaman said there is a very vibrant atmosphere for startups in the country and urged them to come up with solutions, not just for the challenges posed, but for things they felt were relevant.
“There is vibrant atmosphere for startups today. We will make sure that their ideas and prototypes will get a market.
We are not going to disqualify startups when they approach us.”
“We are not going to disqualify startups in anything you want to approach us with. Whether it is a bid, tender or suo motu proposal. All three avenues are open for startups.” The defense minister also pointed out that rules have been amended to incorporate new ideas and give orders accordingly if they were tested with the defense ministry.

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