‘Deepotsav’ to have mega-drone show this yr

Ayodhya, Sep 27 (IANS) ‘Deepotsav’, in Ayodhya this year will witness a scintillating air show with hundreds of drones creating a glowing zig-zag formation in the skies.
According to official sources, 800-1,000 drones will simultaneously take off to create a magical aura of the ‘Treta Yug’, signifying Lord Ram’s homecoming with Sita after his 14-year exile.
Vishal Singh, vice chairman of Ayodhya Development Authority and nodal officer for Deepotsav preparations, said: “The proposal for the project has been submitted to the government for approval and a final decision will be taken soon. The logistics have already been worked out.”
The state government plans to light up the Ghats of Saryu River with 7.5 lakh ‘diyas’ and break it own earlier record of 5.5 lakh diyas.
This ‘Deepotsav’ which will be held on Diwali eve on November 3, will be the last mega event of the Yogi Adityanath government’s current tenure.
Adityanath had started the ‘Deepotsav’ programme in 2017 when he became Chief Minister and the event has grown bigger in scale over the years.
Meanwhile, the district administration has started repairing some of the dilapidated temples on Saryu banks, using the Vedic technique of creating a paste by mixing jaggery with stone dust and lime.
The Yogi Adityanath government wants the celebrations in Ayodhya to touch a crescendo this year with ‘Deepotsav’ since construction of the Ram temple has already begun.

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