DCW rescues 2.5-month-old girl who was sold several times, 5 arrested

New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) In a major crackdown on a human trafficking ring in the national capital, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has rescued a minor girl who was allegedly sold multiple times. A total of five persons have also been arrested in connection with the same, the women’s body said on Thursday.
The Commission carried out the operation in assistance with the Delhi Police and rescued the 2.5 month old infant.
“On Wednesday night, we received information from our Mahila Panchayat that a 2.5 month old girl has been sold by her own father for 40,000 rupees. DCW Members Firdos Khan and Kiran Negi escalated the matter to DCW Chief Swati Maliwal who immediately formed a team to rescue the infant,” a statement from the Commission read.
The infant’s father was made to accompany the DCW team to Jaffrabad where the man had sold the child to a woman named Manisha. However, the woman was not present at the address. The DCW team asked the father to call the woman. During the conversation between the infant’s father and the woman, it was learnt that the man had sold his daughter to the woman for a sum of Rs. 40,000.
“The infant’s father was taken to the police station where he confessed that he had two daughters and was disappointed to have another girl child. He did not want to another girl added to the family and sold her off,” the statement said.
During the course of interrogation, the father revealed a location in Madipur where the infant could be traced.
Following the tip off, the team along with Delhi police and the child’s father went to Madipur where they met a woman named Indu. On inquiry, Indu divulged that she had sold the infant to another woman Radha in Shakurpur.
When the teams reached Shakarpur, Radha told them that she had given the child to her sister in Chawri bazaar. The rescue team then reached Chawri Bazar where Radha’s sister informed that she had given the infant to an acquaintance in Trilokpuri.
After chasing the infant throughout the night at various locations, the baby was rescued early Thursday morning. The five accused namely- Amanpreet, Indu, Manju, Manisha and Radha have been arrested.
A case has been registered under the relevant sections of the law and efforts are being made to rehabilitate the infant.
Reacting over the said incident, DCW chief Swati Maliwal said, “We have been tracing the girl since Wednesday late night and have raided several places in an attempt to rescue the infant. The infant was successfully rescued and a big trafficking nexus was exposed.”
“The work of Delhi Police on this case is commendable and I thank them for the same. All 5 accused have been arrested. DCW will work on rehabilitation of the infant. DCW is working 24X7 for safety and security of women and girls in Delhi,” she added.

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