Dandi March for charity


Wardha: Eighty years after Mahatma Gandhi led the historic Dandi march, walking 390 kilometers from Sabar-mati Ashram in Ahmedabad to the coastal town of Dandi  in Gujarat, a British social activist plans to do the same.

While Gandhi walked this weary distance as a symbolic gesture of defiance towards the British salt tax law, Jill Beckingham, 60, will be doing so to raise funds. The money she generates will be used for the betterment of leprosy patients, tribals, hearing impaired as well as for a school next to a garbage dump in Mumbai.

After starting on November 18, Jill aims to complete the walk in 14 days, taking 10 days fewer than Gandhi, who started the march on March 12, 1930. “It will be quicker as unlike Gandhiji, I won’t have speeches to deliver on the route,” she told Times of India from Mumbai. “If Gandhi could do it at 61, why can’t I do it at 60,” said Jill.

Jill is the wife of the British Deputy High Commissioner (Western India) Peter. “Though not an official affair, some representatives of the High Commission would also be present for the walk,” said Peter in Wardha on October 19.

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