D-Company crime syndicate’s key lieutenants revealed

New Delhi, Aug 24 (IANS) A comprehensive new dossier prepared by the Indian intelligence agencies provides vital insights into India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim’s global operations.
Not only does it detail the vast swathe of his operations and names his companies, but arguably it looks at the personnel involved in his drugs to construction to gambling/betting to terrorism network.
The list of Dawood’s companies is outlined in the dossier, and while he lives in Pakistan, all his known companies have Dubai addresses:

* Oasis oil & Lube LCC, Dubai

* Al-Noor Diamonds, Dubai

* Oasis Power LCC, Dubai

* Dolphin Construction

* East West Airlines (now defunct)

* King Video, Dubai

* Moin Garments, Dubai

The A list of the drugs to terror crime syndicate sketched out perfectly gives individual names and their responsibilities. Here are the family members and henchmen who run what is popularly known as D-Company.
Here again the surprise element is the emergence of Doctor or Javed Chutani, who is now reportedly the first among the equals in the crime syndicate, followed by Dawood’s brother Anees and Chota Shakeel, two of the underworld don’s most trusted lieutenants.

Javed Chutani @ Doctor

A resident of Pakistan who is in frequent touch with Dawood. He has a residence in Dubai also. As per intercepts,Javed Chutani is a bookie by profession and also has interests in real estate. He is very close to Dawood and has family relations with him. He is probably living in the same locality of Karachi where Dawood lives.
Javed Chutani’s daughter is probably living in the UK as she was found using a UK number. His current gambling book is in the name of ‘Kamran’. He is in touch with Dileep Dubai (an Indian settled in Dubai) and one Shoaib (also an Indian settled in Dubai). Chutani also works as a courier between Tariq (of Dubai) and Dawood.

Anees Ibrahim

He uses a Dubai number. For the marriage of Chota Shakeel’s daughter, he has been found informing an unknown person regarding the booking of hotels which was getting difficult (probably because of high number of invitees) and hence, he had spoken to one Chaudhary in Mumbai for facilitating hotel bookings.

The conversation appears to be coded as Anees was found saying “samajh gaya na”. Earlier, Anees had sent money to Ali Shah through one Kaleem on the occasion of the 40th day of the death of Haseena Parkar, Dawood’s sister.

Chhota Shakeel

A close associate and primary henchman of Dawood, presently living in Pakistan. Recently he contacted a person (unknown; resident of Dubai) and invited him to join the birthday celebration probably of Dawood (venue not disclosed). He is in contact with all/most of the close D-Company members mentioned in this dossier.

Javed Bhai

A close associate who is learnt to be accompanying Dawood on most occasions. He has also been found attending the phone calls on the personal numbers of Dawood. He is also called as Jawar Bhai and Moti Bhai.
He is learnt to be giving instructions about payments and banking on behalf of Dawood. One Mumbai number was found to be a contact of Javed Bhai. This Javed Bhai is apparently managing the affairs of a society/apartment built by Dawood in Dubai.
In a recent call, one Amar JB (an Indian; then in Dubai) informed Javed that he had spoken to Tariq regarding the purchase of a flat/villa in the said society/apartment but Tariq had told him that he needed the permission of Javed Bhai for the same. This shows the hold that this Javed Bhai over the business interests of the D-Company.


An important associate of Dawood who is based in Dubai. He is in touch with Chhota Shakeel and other gang members. He handles the property business of Dawood in Dubai. As per an intercept dated September 6, 2014, Tariq contacted someone in Pakistan and spoke about Anees Bhai, the brother of Dawood. As per this conversation, Anees is in Sharjah (Dubai).
He also contacted one Siraj and spoke about the arrangements being made apparently for the marriage of Chota Shakeel’s daughter. He has a girlfriend presently living in Nepal. This Nepali lady was earlier residing in Mumbai and was working in a beauty parlour.
Tariq is the person who was found informing Dawood about the imminent arrest of a UK-based friend (probably Nadeem of Nadeem-Shrawan music composer duo). He is the person who had purchased 2009/10 model Toyota Landcruisers for Dawood and had them shipped to Pakistan. These vehicles are bullet proof. He is in touch with most members of the Dawood gang. One Altaf is the assistant of Tariq.


Another associate of Dawood. Iqbal is using a Congo number and doing business of construction in Dubai and Pakistan. As per one intercepted call, Iqbal is renovating the house of Dawood and the labour for this site has been brought from Kashmir.
Iqbal visits the house of Dawood and probably also has a house in Karachi. He is handling the D-Company’s interests in African countries, including Congo. As per a call, Iqbal lives in Tanzania while his family stays in Pakistan. His elder son is Yassir @ Asif. The name of another son is Mustafa. He has a daughter by the name of Sanaa. Mohsin is the driver-cum-supervisor of Iqbal in Pakistan. He is also found to be in touch with Tariq of Dubai.

Ahmed Jamal

A close associate of Dawood based in Karachi. His daughter got married in 2014. Dawood had invited Iqbal for attending the marriage on August 9 and 13, 2014. For this marriage, Ahmad Jamal had also invited one Majid Baba, r/o Saudi Arabia. This Majid Baba was earlier in touch with Chhota Shakeel and by language, Majid is an Indian.


An important member of the syndicate. He is in touch with Chhota Shakeel and resides in Dubai. Feroz is handling the cover businesses of the Dawood gang. Most probably, Feroz handles the company Oasis oil & Lube LCC of Dawood as in different calls, he has been referred to as Feroz Oasis.
He is probably a South Indian and is well educated. He speaks Tamil, Arabi, English and Hindi. Feroz has contacts in South India and Mumbai. As per intercepts, Feroz is also managing Al Noor Diamomds. He is engaged in smuggling of diamonds from Africa.
One Rehmat, using an African cell number, engages African nationals in transporting diamonds from Africa using Emirates airlines at a commission for safe delivery in Dubai. For each trip, diamonds worth approximately $4/5 lakh are smuggled into Dubai and the African courier is paid $10,000 as courier fee. He has two wives, one Indian and one Pakistani. He owns properties in Mumbai.


An associate of Dawood, Chhota Shakeel and Tariq, based in Pakistan. He had contacted Tariq and talk about arrangement of breakfast party for 600-650 currency (probably relating to the celebration of Dawood’s 60th birthday).


He is working for Chhota Shakeel. His basic assignment is collection of money from different businessmen. Recently Chhota Shakeel asked Ahmed regarding the progress, on which Ahmed reported that Vinod, the owner of a company (probably DD Group), John and Rajiv, probably the senior officers of this company, are presently not in Mumbai. Ahmed thereafter spoke to some other employees of this company like Santosh and Suresh and reverted to Chhota Shakeel to inform him that 50 per cent ‘ho gaya hai’. To this, Chhota Shakeel told him to that ask them to pay the complete money (probably protection money).


Probably Faheem Machmach. He is residing in Karachi along with Chhota Shakeel. He has been found to be in touch with Shyam Keshwani regarding settling the money dispute between one Jawahar and Ramesh.

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