CWG 2022: Indian weightlifter Gurdeep Singh wins bronze in men’s 109-plus kg final

Birmingham [UK], August 4 (ANI): Indian weightlifter Gurdeep Singh bagged the bronze medal in the men’s 109-plus kg final at the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022 with a combined weight of 390kg on Wednesday.
In the Snatch category, he failed to lift 167kg in his first attempt. In the second attempt of the category, he swiftly lifted 167kg. In the third and final attempt in the category, he added more weight but was unsuccessful to lift 173kg. He ended the Snatch round with the best of 167kg. In the Clean and Jerk category, Gurdeep gave a sensational performance as he lifted 207kg in the first attempt. Indian weightlifter failed his second attempt and could not lift 215kg. In his final and third attempt in the category, he lifted 223kg successfully. He finished his performance with a combined total of 390kg.
His second lift was for 215kg, which was unsuccessful and he went all-in for the last lift and increased it to 223kg, a Games record, and completed the lift.
Earlier in the day, Indian weightlifter Purnima Pandey finished sixth in the Women’s 87-plus kg final at the ongoing Commonwealth Games as she put up a combined lift of 228 kg and had two failed attempts each in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk category.
Her combined lift of 228 kg consisted of 103 kg in Snatch while she lifted 125 kg in the Clean and Jerk category.

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