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Nestled in a mystical oasis amid the serene beauty of Udaipur’s Udai Sagar Lake, Raffles combined luxury, wellness, sustainability, and travel. IANS

New Delhi, Aug 12 (IANSlife) Nestled in a mystical oasis amid the serene beauty of Udaipur’s Udai Sagar Lake, Raffles combined luxury, wellness, sustainability, and travel. Drawn by its prime location, expectational amenities, and incomparable hospitability, it has since become the ultimate destination for weddings.

Raffles Udaipur is now celebrating its second anniversary. In addition to offering first-rate services, the hotel focuses a priority on fostering its visitors’ mental wellbeing by creating a refuge of peace and wonderful experiences.

Raffles Udaipur’s inaugural panel discussion, which was scheduled to be an engrossing examination of the complex interactions between travel, culture, wellness, luxury, and art while harmoniously revolving around the theme of sustainability, kicked off the celebration. Respected thought leaders, trailblazers, and influencers who have adopted sustainability as an ethos participated in the panel discussion. 

David Abraham, Co-Founder of Label Abraham and Thakore, Kriti Tula Co-Founder of Doodlage, Niharika Rajput, the visionary Founder of Paper Chirrups and Celebrity, Wellness Enthusiast Vidya Malavade, panelists’ with diverse backgrounds and expertise brought forth a dynamic dialogue, touching upon critical issues related to sustainable tourism, responsible luxury, cultural preservation, eco-conscious design, and the promotion of mindful living.

Ami Shroff, India’s pioneer Women Flair Bartender, illuminated the evening with her extraordinary talent, she has garnered well-deserved recognition on prestigious platforms like TEDx talks and even Netflix films. Her phenomenal skills and creativity with the gratuity of theatrics mesmerised the crowd, as they sipped on their delicious and thoughtfully curated cocktails and rendered the soiree a little more magical. 

Jui Kulkarni Sharma, Owner of Raffles Udaipur, shared her vision for the anniversary celebration, saying, “As we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Raffles Udaipur, we wanted to showcase our commitment to creating experiences that not only offer luxurious indulgence but also prioritise wellness and sustainability. It is essential for us to tread lightly on the planet while providing our guests with the best of hospitality.” 

Rajesh Namby, General Manager of Raffles Udaipur, expressed his delight at the success of the 2nd-anniversary celebration, stating, “At Raffles Udaipur, we strive to curate exceptional experiences for our guests. The 2nd anniversary celebration stood as an unequivocal testament to our unwavering commitment to wellness, sustainability, luxury and travel. We are proud to have created memories that will last a lifetime.” 

Raffles is all about creating magical experiences from enchanting stories woven into every experience to unforgettable sojourns in luxurious settings. The soiree gave way for Raffles to share how wellness and sustainability play an integral role today. The Raffles Udaipur’s first panel discussion on luxury, sustainability, and wellness was an elevated way of explaining. Reputable experts from various industries convened for a thought-provoking discussion on how to integrate luxury travel with sustainable procedures. The stimulating conversation explored the significance of responsible travel and how the hospitality sector can benefit the environment and local communities.

Raffles Udaipur is on its way to creating the awe-inspiring legacy that it is known globally with every Anniversary; it continues to expand its vision to do so. With an adage to shape extraordinary experiences for guests, its 2nd anniversary is one of many to come as Raffles continues to celebrate with splendour. What better way to celebrate a hotel that exhibits grandeur and luxury than a grand commemoration such as this one. 

Raffles Udaipur opened its doors for its discerning guests to indulge in its inimitable facilities and services to celebrate with them. The guest savoured all the opulence that Raffles Udaipur effortlessly proposes, from lavish spa treatments that revitalise the body and mind to individually curated gastronomical experiences that revere the flavours of Rajasthan.

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