Crazy business to think about


By Praful Shah

Birmingham, Ala: I was flabbergasted reading a news item in a magazine recently.

According to the news item,  a woman in California is selling a packet of nine teabag-like pouches filled with dried cow manure for $21.95 like hot cakes and she is getting orders from as far away as Singapore and Spain. People buy it as a fertilizer for their gardens. Each pouch makes five gallon of liquid  fertilizer when brewed in water.

Indians have moved into computer programming and IT businesses during the last decade and companies like Wipro, Satyam, Tata and Reliance are flourishing. Even American companies like GE, Intel, Microsoft and IBM have made Bangalore an Indian Silicon Valley.

In India we have as many cows roaming around in cities and villages — as there are computer graduates. Only if some major companies knew about this crazy product, I am sure they will start wholesale business of exporting dried cow manure!

Let the Indian Agriculture Ministry know about it and they too can venture into this business and earn a lot of foreign exchange that can make India a global economic powerhouse.  But don’t tell the Chinese,  for they are our competitors in every field.

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