CPI (ML) Liberation stages protest against farm laws in Patna

Patna, Nov 30 (IANS) After the Centre, the Bihar government is now facing the heat of the opposition to the new farm laws passed by the Parliament in September.
On Monday, the supporters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Liberation, headed by its general secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya, staged a protest against the farm laws on the streets of Patna.
They assembled at the Kargil Chowk located near the Gandhi Maidan and demanded repeal of farm laws. “At present, the entire country has only one issue. The farmers of the country are sitting on the borders of Delhi. It looks like the farmers have surrounded Delhi and the Narendra Modi-led government is fighting against them,” Bhattacharya said.
“Farmers’ agitation against the Modi government is not an overnight development. They are angry over the way the three farm bills were passed in the Rajya Sabha. They killed the democracy of the country to pass the bills.
“We completely agree with the claims of the farmers. Such laws will force the farmers to become slaves of the corporates. It will destroy the structure of agriculture in our country. The Centre should make a commitment to give price above the MSP and also implement the Swaminathan Commission report. So far, it is implemented only on paper,” he said.

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