Covid crisis biggest failure of Modi 2.0: Survey

New Delhi, (IANS) For the first time in seven years, red lines have been breached on the approval ratings of the Narendra Modi government.
As per ABP-C Voter Modi 2.0 Report Card, voters say that abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir is the biggest achievement of the Modi government, while not handling the Corona crisis effectively is its biggest failure.
The sample size of the survey was 1.39 lakh with the samples spread across 543 Lok Sabha seats. The fieldwork was done between January 1 and May 28.
The survey shows that on many issues, voters are disappointed with the Modi government and the high popularity ratings enjoyed by the Modi government in the last seven years are now dissipating.
As many as 47.4 per cent respondents in the survey said that abrogation of Article 370 has been the biggest achievement of Modi 2.0.
The biggest failure is handling of the Corona crisis with 41.1 per cent respondents saying so.
Also, 23.1 per cent said dissatisfaction and anger in the farming community over the new farm laws is the second biggest failure of the Modi government.
In a castigation of the Centre, more than half or 52.3 per cent said that government help did not reach them during the lockdown.
Voters are also unhappy with the poll campaign during the second wave of the pandemic.
To a question on “Do you think it was appropriate for Prime Minister to participate in the poll campaign and address election rallies during second wave of the pandemic in the country?”, a massive 59.7 per cent said as Prime Minister of the country, Modi’s participation in election campaign was wrong.
While there may be anger against the government, voters still do not want Congress scion Rahul Gandhi, who has been very critical of government’s handling of the pandemic.
On a question, “Do you think Rahul Gandhi would have handled the Corona crisis in a better manner, if he was Prime Minister of the country? Or you believe that PM Narendra Modi is handling it in the best possible manner”, 63.1 per cent said Modi is handling the situation in the best possible manner.
Most voters – 60.8 per cent — think that the Assembly polls in five states/UT and panchayat polls in Uttar Pradesh should have been postponed.
A majority of 55.3 per cent of the respondents said that the Kumbh Mela should have been held symbolically from the beginning, in view of the second wave of the pandemic.
As many as 47 per cent of the respondents hold the Central government responsible for the rise in diesel and petrol prices.
In a criticism of the Modi government, a massive 64.4 per cent said that big corporate houses benefitted the most in economic terms from the works of the Modi government.
A total of 44.8 per cent said China’s encroachment in Laddakh region is a failure on the part of the Central government.
However, voters are very happy with the government’s handling of Kashmir, and improvement in relations with foreign countries, but feel that the demands of the farmers should be met.

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