Covid-19 spike pushing people towards ecommerce: Survey

New Delhi, June 13 (IANS) The rising cases of Covid 19 are slowly pushing people to order for
home delivery via ecommerce sites, according to a survey by LocalCircles.
As per the survey, 36 per cent ecommerce customers have placed all their orders, 23 per cent say they have placed only some of their orders and will more place soon.
Three weeks post lockdown relaxation for non-essential ecommerce as many as 36 per cent customers say, yet to place their orders.
During these times, to minimize human contact, people have started resorting to getting delivered what they need at their doorsteps via ecommerce or the local retailer/kirana store. Most ecommerce grocery apps saw their volumes go up several fold as people ordered essentials during lockdown via ecommerce. Post May 17, the Government permitted delivery of even non-essentials via ecommerce.
LocalCircles conducted a survey to get consumer pulse on what have they been shopping on ecommerce sites since lockdown May 17.
The survey received more than 16,000 votes from 231 districts of India.
Consumers were asked since ecommerce was permitted to ship app products by the Government, did they place all their orders for products like gadgets, appliances, office/school supplies, fashion, home supplies, toys etc. A 36 per cent answered in a ‘yes’ while 23 per cent said they have placed some orders but some more are to be done. The remaining 36 per cent said they have not placed any orders yet but will do it soon.
When asked what category of products (beyond essentials) do they plan to order via ecommerce sites in the next 30 days, 5 per cent said gadgets like laptop, tablet, printer, mobile etc, while another 5 per cent said office or school supplies. 6 per cent said appliances of white goods, 5 per cent said home improvement and furnishings, 8 per cent said fashion, apparels toys, gifts, while 17 per cent said others. 54 per cent said they plan to place orders for one or more of the above categories.
This indicates that while three weeks have passed, a sizable 36 per cent ecommerce customers are yet to place their orders and 23 per cent are yet to place some. Consumers who are not registered or do not order via ecommerce sites were excluded from this survey.
With the COVID-19 curve touching new peaks every day and average daily cases now between 10,000-11,000, 79 per cent Indians feel a significant rise in cases in the coming months. Post June 1, as the Government implemented Unlock 1.0 and permitted opening of many more public places, extended hours for markets and offices at full capacity, anxiety or worry about catching an infection has also gone up. Per LocalCircles survey, 56 per cent Indians are currently feeling anxious and worried.

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