Covid-19 second wave may be a tsunami, warns Thackeray

Mumbai, Nov 22 (IANS) With Covid-19 cases again surging in some parts of the the country, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday hinted at Lockdown 2.0, saying the possible second wave may be a “Tsunami”.
Both Thackeray and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar have urged people not to throw precaution to the winds, but remain on high alert and follow all protocols scrupulously.
Addressing the state this evening, Thackeray reiterated that the best possible preventive measures are wearing a face mask, physical distancing, cleanliness and avoiding overcrowding in public places.
“We don’t have the vaccine yet, nor is there any treatment. So we have to stick to the preventive measures till then. Don’t be under any mistaken impression that because everything is being opened up, the coronavirus has been conquered,” he warned.
“We don’t want another lockdown. I don’t want to end five years with lockdown after Lockdowns. Though all festivals were celebrated with restraint, the danger has not yet subsided,” he said.
In Pune, Pawar said that huge crowds were witnessed during Diwali celebrations, and there were large numbers out even during Ganeshotsav.
“We are talking to the concerned departments. We shall review the situation for the next 8-10 days and then decide on a lockdown,” he said.
Discussing the ‘second wave’ that has hit parts of Europe and USA, Thackeray said “it makes me wonder whether it’s a wave or a Tsunami” and said we must take lessons from what is happening around the world.
The near-identical concerns by the two top leaders of the state on a single day came amid demands from certain quarters to suspend trains and flights between Mumbai and Delhi, where there is a fresh spurt in Covid-19 cases.
“Yes, there has been a reduction in the cases and deaths, we have been able to rein in the virus in state, but the threat of the pandemic is far from over,” Thackeray added.
On this count, he expressed satisfaction at the ongoing “My Family, My Responsibility” campaign of the state which has got a huge positive responsible among the people and is also helping create a ‘health map’ of the state.

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