COVID-19: Premji foundation donates Rs 1,000 cr

Bengaluru, April 1 (IANS) The Azim Premji Foundation has donated Rs 1,000 crore for a comprehensive on-ground response to contain coronavirus outbreak in the country, an official said on Wednesday.
Similarly, the foundation was joined by Wipro Ltd with Rs 100 crore and Wipro Enterprises Ltd with Rs 25 crore for this humanitarian endeavour, totaling a donation of Rs 1,125 crore.
“Modern global society has not confronted a crisis of this magnitude and we must all work together to deal with this crisis and minimize its human impact, particularly on the disadvantaged,” said Azim Premji Foundation’s spokesperson in a statement.
“Integrated action will be taken for a comprehensive on-the-ground response in specific geographies, focused on immediate humanitarian aid, and augmentation of healthcare capacity, including containing the Covid-19 outbreak and treating those affected by it,” the statement added.
The foundation’s 1,600-member team will coordinate with the government institutions cncerned in collaboration with 350-member strong civil society partners across the country to put the funds to use.
Enabling medical and service fraternity to battle the virus and mitigate its wide- ranging human impact, particularly on the most disadvantaged sections of society, are some of the goals to be pursued by the donators.
The relief effort will fully leverage Wipro’s technological expertise, sourcing systems, infrastructure and the company’s distribution reach.
Interestingly, the donation is in addition to the annual corporate social responsibility activities of Wipro and the foundation’s regular philanthropy.
According to the foundation, the COVID crisis is a time to learn and develop a more resilient global community, based on justice, equity, humaneness, and ecological sustainability.

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