COVID-19 fight: Medical world endorses modified version of Yoga’s Jal Neti

Jaipur, May 7 (IANS)
As India enters the third phase of lockdown, relentlessly battling against the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical world is endorsing the modified version of Yoga’s Jal Neti to supplement the fight against the pandemic amid distressing times.
An International Journal, Lung India reported that doing salt-based water gargles and nasal wash (Jal Neti) on a regular basis can prove helpful to the patients in the early stages of the suspected contraction of this deadly virus.
This recent study, authored by Dr Sheetu Singh, a chest specialist at SMS Medical College, Jaipur, said that Jal Neti has a potential of helping patients to fight against the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).
However, she emphasised on proper learning of nasal wash technique under excerpt supervision.
Like handwash, nose and throat was may remove or reduce viral load. The previous studies have shown that cells in threat and nasal mucosa convert chloride ion of hypertonic saline to hypochlorous acid (HOCL) having anti-viral effect. Interestingly, HOCL is an active component of the bleaching power which is used in disinfecting hands by wash.
Dr. Virendra Singh, leader of the research team and chest expert of Rajasthan Hospital here, said: “Many studies showed that nasal wash and gargles can reduce period of illness, symptoms of the viral disease and amount of viral shedding, in a study carried out at Edinburgh. With decreasing amount of viral shedding, the risk of spread of infection in other household people reduced.”
Singh added that Japan has included gargles alongside facemark and hand washing in the national guidelines for preventive therapy on influenza control.
Their research stressed that on similar lines, gargles and nasal wash may be tried in India according to individual preference in this COVID pandemic. Three times a day gargling, especially after meeting people can be useful. In terms of nasal wash, it is normally done empty stomach in morning, but in COVID-19 scenario, it may be done immediately after home returning from office.
When asked if medical world is now endorsing people to follow Yoga’s Jal Neti to fight COVID-19, Virendra Singh told IANS: “Yes, we can say that the modified version of Yoga’s Jal Niti can help us in fight against COVID-19. The reason it is modified is because as per yoga norms, Jal Neti is being done in morning hours empty stomach, however, here, we endorse use of salty water and it can be done twice in a day.”
“If scientifically established, world accepts age-old concepts… like Namaskar which is now in trend. Earlier during SARS spread, Pranayam was also accepted thoroughly across the world,” he added.

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