Couple name their newborn baby ‘Eclipse’ after rare solar event in US!

WASHINGTON: What could be the most appropriate name for a baby born in the US on August 21 this year?
An American couple have the answer as they have named their daughter ‘Eclipse’ for being born on the day total solar eclipse hit the US for the first time in 99 years.
Eclipse Eubanks came into the world at 8:04 AM, weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces at the Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina, according to ABC News.
The child’s mother, Freedom Eubanks, was not due to deliver until September 3, she said.
For months, Freedom and Michael Eubanks were set on naming their daughter Violet.
But as Freedom’s due date hovered around August 21 — the day the total solar eclipse — the parents’ plan took an unexpected twist.
“I kind of felt like it was meant to happen, to have her on this day,” Eubanks said when asked about giving birth on the eclipse day.
Freedom, now a mother of two, said her second daughter arrived just hours after the solar eclipse.
She said her family was first “shocked” over the baby’s unique name, but now thinks it was a great idea.
“I think it was just meant to be, her name,” she added.
“We’re probably going to call her Clipsey.”
Greenville Memorial Hospital gifted the newborn a ‘total solar eclipse’ jumpsuit.

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