Cotton brings out the feel good factor

Cotton has made a comeback in the fashion scene.

It’s hot on the runway. It makes you look cool. It’s easy to mould, and the outcome is always stylish. Cotton couture is here to please everyone with stylish apparels that stand out in the crowd.

“Cotton is the easiest to carry off. There are not too many issues with the material, and it fits so well,” says fashionista Priyanka Tanwar, a college student. Not surprising, therefore, is why cotton is on everyone’s hit list.

“There is no need to wear the same old, dull and boring cotton clothes. There are so many variations. For instance, self-print or self-embossing on cotton is really popular,” says Chitra Kumar, owner of a cotton store.

What has enhanced the appeal of cotton is that it is not confined to saris and Indian wear any longer. Cropped jackets, pants and smart trench coats that is light as also chic are available in cotton as well. “Our city’s climate is pleasant, and one can enjoy wearing jackets or sleeveless depending on how cold or warm it gets. College goers love wearing big fitted jackets, asymmetrical shirts and even long dress shirts which are complete cotton and yet look so swanky,” says another store owner, Ravish Kothari.

“There was a time, when people said that cotton was not dressy. But with sequins, lace, velvet and so many other things, cotton is super fun to wear for the day or for a date in the evening. Cotton dresses are also very beautiful, and there are many things you can accessories them with,” says Leena Shah, a team manager.

Two funky cotton fabrics mixed to make a kali kurta or playing with the yolks of the kurtas is very in. “It’s playful and something different. Lots of stores around the city have these kinds of kurtas, and they look beautiful on churidars, jeans or patialas. For the rains, it’s perfect, as the fabric is light and airy and dries up very easily,” says Romita Jain, who owns a store for cotton fabrics.

“This is the only fabric no one is allergic to! Look at the fashion of the West. Cotton is doing the rounds everywhere, and foreigners love the prints we do. Cotton bags and chapels which have cotton straps in various dyes and designs look very funky,” says Radhika Mehra, who owns a store of cotton fabrics.

Courtesy flexibility — after all, you can do any thing with cotton — and the comfort factor, cotton is back to being at the top. Are you wearing it?

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