Cops launch ‘Namaste Lucknow’ campaign

Lucknow, March 2 (IANS) The Lucknow Police has decided to cultivate a people-friendly image by launching ‘Operation Namaste Lucknow’.
The ‘Namaste Lucknow’ campaign is designed to bridge the gap between cops and citizens.
As part of the campaign, the cops will meet morning and evening walkers, greet them with ‘Namaste Lucknow’ and also gather feedback on the issues that they may be facing.
Police commissioner Sujeet Pandey told reporters, “Many people do not prefer to reach out to the police due to different perceptions. The aim of this campaign is to reach out to them, to know their issues, get their feedback and give a message that the police are people friendly.”
Cops involved in this campaign will immediately contact the officers concerned to resolve issues. “We have deployed additional force, vehicles for this purpose, so that our routine police do not get affected,” the police commissioner said.
He further said, “People may have suggestions, issues, which they were apprehensive about sharing. All will be taken care of and this campaign will be monitored by senior officers.”
The police officers will meet morning and evening walkers on a daily basis and hence a relationship will be built.
The campaign has been started in some areas but will soon cover the entire state capital.
Additional vehicles have been deployed for special patrolling.

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