Colors make a fashion statement

Women are generally drawn to the colors that flatter their figure and complexion. Your favorite color doesn’t always appear in your wardrobe if it doesn’t do a thing for you. If you’re the majority, the color you most often choose to wear is the image you want to reflect, and the color that makes you look and feel good.

Women should wear colors that can flatter their complexion and figure. Wear colors that fit your complexion, makes you look good and you feel comfortable in them. Your wardrobe must have dresses with good color combination because your color choices reflect your image and  personality.

For looking best, it is essential to choose colors that coordinate with your complexion. The right combination of dresses that matches your complexion will make you look smart and you will feel confident about yourself.

To bring out your best features, several things should be taken into consideration. First of all, you need to determine your skin type. Secondly, season also plays a major role in your color choice. Along with colors, texture and patterns, hue and shades are equally important to bring out your best features. In big stores, you can easily find color consultants, who can guide you in this respect.  While choosing dress material or dress, stand in front of a mirror and try different colors and shades and match them with your skin tone. You will be surprised to see how different colors and shades compliment your skin and bring out your best features. You will be surprised to learn how some colors that are not suitable for your skin tone makes you look pale, yellow skinned or washed out.

All seasons like winter, summer, spring and autumn also determines your color choice and patterns. If the color and pattern enhances your appearance, then go for it. If a particular dress helps you receive lot of compliments, it is probably the right color for you, not just the style. Try some more dress in that color and notice the reaction of your friends.

Generally, each color has its own potential. Choosing the right clothing color that matches your complexion will boost your confidence and you will feel good about yourself. Every color has its own charm.

For example: black is a versatile color. Wearing black dress can make you look thinner yet sexy.  It can boost your confidence level especially when you wear a black dress at your workplace. Pink is a very charming feminine color. Wearing combination of black and pink can bring out your girly image.

If you want to be the center of attention and want to look bold and vibrant, wear red. Choose the shade that matches your skin tone. For decent, fun-loving and independent look, wear blue. Orange help you stand out in a crowed.  It reflects the challenging sprit of a person. Yellow reflects the vibrant personality and athletic spirit of a person. It is an optimistic color. White can match any deep, dark tan colors and adds sex appeal. Green has its own natural look. Blue represents a sober, self-satisfied and confident look.

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