China removed from UK’s coronavirus death graph: Report

London, April 27 (IANS) China’s official coronavirus death toll has been removed from the UK governments graphs amid growing accusations that Beijing was covering up the true impact of the global pandemic, a media report said.
Officially there have been 4,632 COVID-19 related deaths in China, where the virus originated in the city of Wuhan last December, the Metro newspaper report said on Sunday.
That figure is a tiny fraction compared with the devastation wrought in Europe and the US, with a global death toll at 206,569, with a total of 2,973,264 cases.
According to the newspaper report, the Downing Street graph on April 24 showed the death rates of nine countries the UK, US, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, and China.
The next day, China was removed from the updated timeline.
This development comes after US President already attacked China for misrepresenting its figures as he argues that America does not have the highest numbers of fatalities and speculation about Beijing’s information has remained from the start of the pandemic, after reports emerged of doctors and journalists detained after raising alarms, the report said.

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